A Tribute to Bob Stapleton

I simply had to re-post this information from James Wright about Bob Stapleton. We lost a huge "Husky" this weekend.    

I have my own Bob stories and was privileged to call him my friend.  

Here is Jame's post from Facebook.

"They say that blood isn't always family and family isn't always blood. I believe this to be true. Today I said goodbye to the closest thing I had to a father figure growing up. I'm gonna miss you Bob Stapleton. I really can't recall a sport I played where you weren't my coach. You were the roughest, meanest, nicest, most caring coach someone like me could ask for. You knew where that line was and rode it but never crossed it. This world could use a LOT more guys like you in it. Thank you for ALWAYS being there for me when I needed you and for being there when I didn't even realize that I needed you. Thank you for opening the door for me to get involved with coaching youth sports. I've read some of the stories people have told about you on here and I have a few hundred I could tell myself. You truly were a LEGEND in this little town! My heart goes out to your children and grandchildren. May you rest in peace my friend. We will meet again someday and I look forward to running "to da poo fence" one more time"

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